Ratih Amalia Lestari
15 Nov 2022 at 08:15

By: Ratih Amalia Lestari Member Of Duta Damai BNPT Papua

On the stage of past civilizations, stories about women are at the heart of the matter. In some areas and cultures of the nation, women seem to be in a low caste so that they can be controlled and treated arbitrarily. The following is a quote from Kiyai Husein in the book Buya Syafii Maarif (2009: 178) which describes the condition of women in the past, "See, how women in many places, are not only alienated from the stage of human history, but have even become victims of the patriarchal structure of civilization, discrimination, marginalization and violence still continue to haunt and trap them from all directions and from many ideologies and patriarchal social systems”. In many ways, human interpretations of religion have contributed to strengthening it.

Some changes have indeed been successfully implemented, such as in Arab lands. The emergence of Islam, which was brought by the Prophet Muhammad, has given a breath of fresh air to the lives of Arab women whose lives have seemed meaningless. The understanding given by the scriptures has changed little by little the lives of women. However, this has not happened massively, many even misinterpret the position of women in Islam, as has been described. The portrait of holding women's rights still occurs in the culture of other nations, such as in Javanese culture.

It is as if women in Java are not allowed to have broad insights in the field of science, the insight that Javanese women need to know is only about married life.