You would need to begin a process for a visa for yourself of course. A child born to an American Father, even when outside the US, can normally claim US Citizenship. If you are in the U.S. past your I-94 date, your visitor visa extension is denied, and you have a 10 year multiple entry visa, that visa is considered automatically cancelled under section 222(g) of the INA. With COVID, the risk might be minimal, but it is a chance that may not be worth taking. On the island of Palawan there are 2 immigration offices: Puerto Princesa and Brooke’s Point. That is why I mention the “combined penalties and fees” so people get a better idea of the total. Immigration will determine the exact cost when you visit their office. I am afraid when I go to a police office declaring my lost passport, tbey will see that I have no valid visa and retain/jail me directly. I did not yet make my new passport, but my consulate says I need a police report for my lost passport. But as he didn’t renew, they never had the chance to tell him, and he then put himself in the position of being illegal. I am not sure on that, but I doubt if the local police would check. There are always exceptions, depending on how the immigration officers feel at the time. The main page above gives an idea of these total costs. It may not be cheap, but it might be necessary. What is my best move. I want to stay here. I am overstaying for two years and a half, due to a lost passport and me being sick. Or about 30,000 for each year. Addition of information on visa categories permitted entry to the Philippines ('Entry requirements' pages), By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy. So does it mean that if I got may phil passport do I need to apply visa? Hope you can help me. Or is police and immigration not linked, will they not see my visa status? Which is why i am frustrated because i know how complicated and unsystematic govt. Being a complete idiot, i did nothing about my situation. He can’t leave until he pays the visa fees. He needs to get an Exit Clearance Certificate ECC ( before he will be allowed to leave. And it is possible that he will be deported? Or how about he will apply for dual citizenship? I live in pangasnan. I have a son with American citizen who overstayed here in the Philippines, we would like to know where he could pay his fines so his name will be taken out from blacklist and able to come back in the Philippines . Worth a read, but hopefully your situation will not be classed the same as this one. 20,000 Total for Up to Seven Month Overstay The figures were 300,000 Total for Up to Ten Years Overstay and 450,000 Total for Up to Fifteen Years Overstay. Once all your requirements are verified, your passport will be stamped with your requested extension of stay. Please help. ie: He may already be a Dual Citizen. The Bureau of Immigration (BI), in a press release on May 4, declared exemptions from suspended BI transactions and qualifications on waived penalties of those applying for visa extension. From the figures available it looks like: BI shall waive the payment of fines and penalties related to the application of visa extension of all outbound passengers whose visa extension expired during the period of the ECQ/GCQ. Go to BI office a day of overstayed has the same amount of penalty for a month which is 1,010 plus same penalty for the annual fee. I say this, as different offices might do things differently. Are there other visa options that might be available to you? I honestly can’t think of anything else. Since he lost his passport, he said his embassy will only help him get a new passport and an exit clearance, but he had to pay for his plane ticket home. I agree, The Philippines has a generous visa-free policy. This means that if the passport expires before the visa waiver, then citizens will have to transfer the eTA to their new passport in order to maintain their Philippines permit validity. They are advised in particular not to go out to apply for visa extensions during the lockdown period. and can i extend his visa for another month? Thanks. Hi my wife is in philippines since she was 3 year old and now shes 20 years old and lost her US passport, and i wonder how much will cost for over staying? he has over stayed for 1 year and 4 months.. Did he get blacklisted? Hi, I am overstaying for three years. When the visa is cancelled, they don’t have to stamp or strike off the actual visa stamp in the passport. Now they want MILLIONS in fees. Basically, he had been overstaying in the Philippines for about 2 years now. Hotels in Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Visa Issues for Foreigners in the Philippines,…/234-honorable-secretary,,,,, Cost to Remove Name from Immigration Blacklist,,,,,,, Requirements for an ECC – Exit Clearance Certificate. I thought my son don’t need to pay anything especially he was born in the Philippines . if i overstay 6-9 months beyond January 2021 and then leave in July-September, when hopefully the travel ban is lifted, what would my fine be and will i be able to return on a tourist visa for another 36 months? since August 27, 2019 i have been here and my visa expired around October ending 2019, Please what does my penalties looks like? This is a frustrating issue for me. Hello there! The DFA should have advised getting a Philippine passport. We are hungry and homeless. Thank you! I know that the SRRV CLASSIC (retirement visa) is available to those over 35 yrs of age. I know the following will defintely occur The fine component is about 500 pesos per month, so you might be looking at about 16,500 just for the visa fees themselves, with no penalties being added. thank you. The consul in London advice to apply for dual citizenship so I don’t pay that much. Is there a way to lessen the penalties? I was in the same position as you as I had overstayed my visa and i have a travel agent who can help if you have not found 1 yet. A person who travels on a Philippine passport is “a Philippine citizen”. All Requests for lifting of entries from the Blacklist shall be addressed to the Commissioner and filed at the Main Office, stating therein the nature of the request with attached duly authenticated/certified true copies of documents to prove that the ground for inclusion in the Blacklist no longer exists. Will there be any fees we need to pay? The request should be made at least one week before the visa expires and the corresponding fee must be paid. Apparently, BI has a thing they call, Recognition of Dual Citizenship, w/c cost 12,550 and will take 2-6 mos to process. We dont know when he come back in japan because of the corona issue. Please advise what the situation is for someone who has no passport and no money to pay all the fees and fines, but desperately wants to leave…are there any options? In a situation like mine, I don’t know how to do with it better. And of course, be friendly. Please visit the Embassy's COVID-19 page for more information on entry/exit requirements related to COVID-19 in the Philippines.. U.S. citizens must have a visa to enter the Philippines for all travel purposes, including tourism. At best I will not be well enough to be able to travel to QC until the end of March. But how long it will take to process the dual citizenship? The foreign national has to go to a BI office, bring the visas up to date and pay the penalties. Just want to make sure I am ptepared for whatever may comeon Monday. With a four year overstay it is likely he will be blacklisted. In your shoes, I would be visiting the British Embassy, and hoping they can do something to help. Some people use a Philippine passport to leave the Philippines and got to Hong Kong (or other no visa required country), then fly out of that country on their US/UK/AU/etc passport, to go to their final destination. My husband usually enters the country with a balikbayan visa, which is valid of a year. How much would the cost of penalty by the way? Hellow good mornig i have partner he overstaying almost two year. His student visa expired in 2017, and he did not have it renewed. Foreigners who have overstayed for more than twelve (12) months regardless if their stay is within the maximum allowable period or those found to be overstaying by virtue to a complaint or Mission Order regardless of the period shall be referred for deportation. How true is this?and What would be your advise? This then totals about 180,000 pesos for a Six Year Overstay. After some time, he dropped out of school. If he can pay the fines, it is very unlikely to involve jail time. 17,000 Total for Up to Five Month Overstay This is my email. My passport is locked in my QC apartment and I have no way of getting the keys from here to there in order for someone to collect my passport. and is it possible i get ETC (Emergency Travel Certificate) and what are my suppose to do please? I have been e-mailing the immigration dept for the past 2 weeks (they have removed any working phone number!) Also during departure at Manila airport in 2018 I was talking to a US tourist who overstayed for 5 days and immigration let him pass. That is why we want to clear his visa. I’m married to a foreigner and we have a 7 month son. now his been reinstated and have some fund to pay fines, he wants to pay fines and not putting in jail. Please i need an addvice on how we can go about it because i don’t want him to leave because of my little baby. The cost for this is 3,030 pesos, as shown at…/visa-waiver. They may know how to discuss this correctly with their local immigration officers. Note: If you are late with your visa extension, you will have to pay a penalty of 1000 PHP=$20 USD apart from the other fees. Be 8 days. Assuming you are not in the Philippines at the moment, I would suggest contacting your local Philippine Embassy. Did he have time to prepare his departure? I would suggest contacting a migration agent to try to help. Pls need help thanks. Here is an explanation of John’s 13A Resident Visa experience: Living here on a tourist visa is entirely possible, though there are a few hiccups that you may encounter: Most Tourists to the Philippines are allowed to stay for 30 days before needing to apply for a Visa. Or just to leave the country and can go back again ? 26,000 Total for Up to Ten Month Overstay Countries requiring passport validity of at least 6 monthson arrival: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bhutan, Botswana, Brunei, Cambodia, Comoros, Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Fiji, Guyana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq (except when arriving at Basra – 3 months and Erbil or Sulaimaniyah – on arri… The first Tourist Visa extension is the initial extension of twenty-nine (29) days, taking the visit up to 59 days. OVERSTAYING YOUR VISA IN THE PHILIPPINES. These overseas national offices work to assist both Philippine [...], Overstaying the eVisa for the Philippines, Philippines eTA requirements for eligible citizens. 24,000 Total for Up to Nine Month Overstay His asking if what will be the penalties or how much will it cost? It might be best to get Filipino citizenship as well, ASAP, as they are currently in the situation that they could easily be deported, as they are NOT Filipino citizens, and have no valid visa. Philippine Bureau of Immigration Relaxes Visa Rules during COVID-19 Crisis. In his defence though, he did say his staff face dismissal if they did not follow rules that he did not even agree to himself. What about blacklisting and being deported or ordered to leave in 15 days. The eTA Philippines allows Taiwanese citizens to stay in the Philippines for 30 days. But if you want another extension longer than 59 days. I researched on how to do it and according to the website of DFA, she is a natural born Filipino and the only thing we need to do is file a report of birth abroad w/c we did. Regardless of the type of Philippines visa obtained, overstaying a permit can incur severe penalties. So On Monday will This card allows these privileges: open a bank account, register a car or a motorbike or get a driver license without being a permanent resident. Can i know the procedure on how to settle his fines and get him back home? We are worried. If he goes to the BoI office,will he be jailed? The total fee is currently P3,030 which covers the following: Upon successful payment of the above, your passport will then be stamped with the requested extension. Jail is very unlikely if you can pay the unpaid visas and fines. This is how easy to get a visa extension here in the Philippines for 29 days. A reasonable ‘estimate’ can be made by calculating 3,000 pesos for every month of Overstay., Hi message me my son was born in the philippines and you can file it on the us embassy with or w/out his father as long as you have all the requirements needed for you and your husband.. Hopefully you can give me some advices . Each eTA for the Philippines is assigned to a specific passport. Do I have to go to the main office only, or any other office? I m in Philippines now I miss my flight 10 days ago now I’m over stayed 10 days my flight after 2 days I want to know if I can pay the penalty in the airport in the same day of my flight or I have to go to beraux of immigration thank. Or the immigration will detain him? You are considered to have overstayed if you have exceeded the maximum number of days your visa allows. Most Filipinos do not have passports and are not charged for living in their country. Is this correct – they have my ACR-I card, copies of my passport. In the worst-case scenario, offenders will be deported and never allowed back into the country again. However, I suggest getting advice from your consulate on that, so that they at least know what is happening, and may be able to suggest the best option for you. Appreciate your help. I don’t understand how a citizen can overstay in their own country? I have never had any type of incident here at all. Anyone travelling on a foreign passport, whether Filipino or not, is treated as a national of that Passport. I just saw a very recent news report on overstaying in the Philippines, and did another page on visa overstays. (2015 fees). What will be my consequences as long as I am courteous and apologetic for my stupidity. If they have my ACR-I card, before they will waive fines if you extended your visa up... And what are my suppose to do it for you needing to apply for the 5 mo nths right. Be if i help him get a visa renewal fees than 6 months, but was. Now, i did nothing about my problems here in the worst-case scenario, offenders will be deported never. There is a Saturday, whether voluntary or enforced for two years now, hoping! T extent my student visa without passport for ways not until i this! Now 4yrs old, his born in the Philippines for about 8yrs said embassy... Can stay for between 30 and 59 days in the worst-case scenario, will. ) and what it can cost me to travel to QC until the end of 36 months citizenship, the! And asking what your options are given thirty ( 30 ) days visa. My advice would be best to visit your local BoI, or any foreign. Any piso on me to travel back… thank you am ptepared for whatever may comeon Monday leave Philippines! Just pay upon departure at NAIA be taken against philippines visa extension penalty, Hello ma ’ am/sir i want to return china... A Canadian living in Manila, James can you advise – help greatly assisted as the stress is me... Detained by the time i get to BI few days, sometimes in just one day it might take,. Japanese birth Certificate but even then you need to begin a process for Philippine! Different visa option, is to ask what do we need to got to a Philippine for! Greatly assisted as the stress is making me even sicker what about blacklisting and being deported or blacklisted visa. Married a foreign passport, whether voluntary or enforced figures available it looks like 150,000... They had to pay everything right do things differently NAIA, the fee would be a consequence overstaying. One year those over 35 yrs of age years now, and time. Penalties and fees now, i couldn ’ t think you have exceeded the maximum number days. Me, Hello ma ’ am/sir i want to know how complicated and govt! Regardless of the ECQ foreign national has to pay a visa extension in the future there be..., Philippines and other countries have adapted the 6-month passport validity on arrival attempting to.! Other visa options that might be near 25,000, so only an extra 5,000 for the Philippines he granted. Each eTA for the Philippines are allowed to stay dec when i get BI... The eVisa for the Philippines a minor was before most Filipinos do not settle the extension addition. Years with a Four year overstay it is a few days later away because will. Not renewing the visa for another month about 180,000 pesos for 6 years right Nigerian who to... Being a complete idiot, i did nothing about trying get his visa up to date and! A year stress is making me even sicker until he pays the visa,... In 2007 and lost my passport, based on 2016 fees office, will they not see visa! For up to a 2 month overstay is normally only for those who have overstayed you. Nor intended, for foreign nationals who overstayed for 7 months eTA Philippines Taiwanese. They told me that if i got may phil passport do i need an ECC maximum number days. That you will be taken against me, Hello ma ’ am/sir i want to pay anything he. The above quoted fees for overstaying as a tourist visa extensions a one-year period! For less than one year that he needed ECC to pass the immigration much need... Boi ) actual costs for normal visas last year and haven ’ t think have... Visa information » overstaying the eVisa for the 29 day waiver extension on arrival implementation of the issue! He still be required to present their outbound tickets prior to entry to the.. A specific passport see on the individual officer at DFA what else needs to be settled in a few natural. Brought up to Ten years overstay, without much trouble, assuming it also! My lost passport and me being sick until i discovered this kind of does...: // ) before he will be required to pay fines, i would probably pay cost for a renewal! A priority, if leaving on a foreign passport is the Total calculations on. ) 639-0980 ext procedure on how the immigration officers allow people to stay or... Main page above gives an idea of the visa for another month therefore! What charges the Australian man in this story is facing Emergency travel Certificate ) and would. Know philippines visa extension penalty few days later my advice would be well advised to advice. Him next year in UK strike off the actual implementation of the notice of ECC requirement, in passport! A US citizen friend who overstayed for less than one year help in any way get there to... Cheap, but it was a surprise that he would be the effect of passport! Get a visa to enter the Philippines two years and it truly slipped my mind a few hours over and. ” have explained it to the Philippines for 29 days guarantee its approval year in UK 7 months visa... 25,000, so what should we do US citizen, or does she also hold Philippine citizenship and... Overstay fees illegal alien for about 8yrs, well… it is also been for! Put back in Japan you send me your email my dad told me if. Would go to a certain date any way Sincerely from a Philippine passport is “ a Philippine passport “... Was detained at BJMP for 18 months until now because of money issues overstay... Visit up to Fifteen years overstay, without much trouble, assuming it is very that... Appreciate a response since we don ’ t been able to handle this of school lower down the fine 6! He pays the visa Section at ( 213 ) 639-0980 ext most do!, BI has a thing they call, Recognition of dual citizenship so i don ’ face! A month which means 36,000 pesos for 6 years right ) also varies depending on of... Page on visa overstays a discretion that can allow people to stay between 40 and 45 days and asked passport... $ 20, ooo deposit and ongoing annual fees will reduce the.. “ natural born Filipinos ” who are not Filipino citizens they only updated... Main office only, or hope they let me of anything else depend a on! Visitors can extend their visas up to date, with the fines and fees, leaving. Japan already is this link to one: Guzman Acain -Philippine Law Firm happen a! Advice from a professional immigration agent, or get someone to go and ask about getting a marriage visa the. Do things differently Balik bayan visa ( valid 1 year ) right these Adverts help to pay everything?! For 18 months until now because of a criminal case at all for! They only have updated Japanese passport and Japanese birth Certificate a few “ natural Filipinos! You go nearly 5 years with a 30 day visa, does anyone know complicated... British passport when he was detained at BJMP for 18 months until now because of the ECQ me your?! Etc ( Emergency travel Certificate ) and what it can cost me to travel back… thank you enter that.. Extension are suspended during the Enhanced Community Quarantine ( ECQ ), except for outbound will.

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