I do eat alot and i am 16, will my arms even out as i get older? This strategy should obviously be used at the very end of the workout... you probably won't want to do this before you've gotten your heavy stuff out of the way. Alright i've decided that my arms are dispraportional to the rest of my upper body and they need to grow faster....Im currently on a three day split Chest/BI's, Back/Tri's, Legs/Shoulders. Just stick to it. I posted this question in a different category, but not many responded so i am posting it here. Find the amount of calories need to maintain your current weight and then eat more than that by about 200 calories or more. This is where your brain wrongly interprets your body information to make a physical feature look “wrong.” It's very distressing. anyways I am not a big person for the most part.. the main problem with my body/figure is my arms. I do chest and tri 2x a week too. This stacks a very intense metabolic stimulus that has an impact on the molecular pathways governing hypertrophy. My weight is average for my height but as I said: My head is small compared to my body. Thanks for the link, will check it out when i get home. I'm not going into specifics on that, but research shows that it works. Sorry i was just testing the format, now is the updated one! If you are not gaining any weight then you can't get any bigger. My arms are still bigger than I would like, but much closer to my goal. How tall are you? When you struggle to add weight to your arms, it’s often due to one of several common mistakes. My source of inspiration was Arnold and I used his encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding as a training guide. Speed. i am 5'2'' and weigh 110lbs but because of my arms i feel like i look like i weigh 125 or more. From 24 to 28 I gained 7 lbs landing at 174. I have broad shoulder and kinda big arms. Crazy. But i cant seem to get my arm to grow bigger.. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Discussion of physical fitness/exercise goals and how they can be achieved, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. There is a calculator here: http://www.weightrainer.net/bodypred.html. I'm able to do 8reps x 4sets of pull ups, 5reps x 4 sets of handstand presses. My diet is the normal "more meat more vegetables normal carbs low fats". My arms landed at 13.4 inches and my chest increased to 47.2. graduate from seated to hanging dips, add pushups, start pulling up, and handstand press. However, my dreams were filled of getting arms like the pictures of body… It makes me want to cover them up all the time. Also make sure you do chest and tri's in the same day for prime gains. To recover from a training stimulus, eat enough food (caloric surplus), get enough sleep, and program your program so you are increasing in weight on a regular basis but not killing yourself. I do curls a lot and yet my wrists size really don't feel like it has changed much, it at all since when I used to be 140 pounds. Now your arms will grow. He needs to ditch this ENHANCED bodybuilder routine pronto. Literally this. It would be very difficult to change what that looks like if you're in shape. my arms are very thin as compared to my whole body? I'm currently doing hanging weighted dips. I’ve tried just sticking to a basic all around program. i usually try to work multiple joint workouts and avoid isolating body areas unless needed. I’m going to try your advice here and work on more isolation of my arms – and what you said about lifting lighter weights for more focus vs heavier weights really resonates – anytime I’d curl 35-40lb dumbbells for 5-6 reps even with the best form possible it never felt like my biceps were actually getting that work – as if somehow the rest of my body was compensating. More volume than what he's already doing? I heard about wrist size being proportionate to how large our arms can get, but i dont know if it is true or not. Are there any exercises to help make it bigger? How else to lose 10 kg in 6 months? I'll try doing the compound movements + arm in the same workout. If you are 5 10 and 125 you are not eating enough. To get bigger arms, you have to invest more training into your arms. It has little to do with weight but more to do with the size of your frame (ie bone structure). The thing that got me over the arm hump was to dig out an extra day in the week where I trained exclusively biceps and triceps. PS : Your triceps is the other half of your arm, you have to train them the same way you train your bicep. Nothing works, I just keep going back to small arms. You gotta do more than 2 arms exercices each week. You will then be able to start threads, post comments and send messages to other members. You will probably benefit from bumping up to 6 sets per exercise. I would say I have pretty large arms for a 15 year old. I have always had larger arms and it was making me feel bad about myself. Agree with previous posts, and have found to an extent that the only person who thinks a part of them is icky/abnormal is the person who's part it is I'm sure your arms will carry on to get smaller. If you've been doing that for a long time, you have likely gotten most of your gains out of that rep range and will benefit from keeping 2 sets of that to maintain those gains and then doing 3-6 more sets of either 2-4 reps or 15-30 reps. You should obviously start on the 3 set side and slowly work in to avoid unnecessary soreness and possible injury. I have a large Chest and Back and giant traps, with tiny t=rex arms, that aren’t in any way proportional. Through small incisions, implants can be inserted to create improved calf definition. My arms were one of the last parts of my body to start shrinking. The MAJOR issue here is that he's doing a bro split routine, a BODYBUILDER routine, which he shouldn't. You may also need to add an extra exercise for your arms to get more of that volume without getting bored. I'm 6' and 170 pounds but I feel pretty skinny. Pick 3-4 exercises with different volume and do this. If you can still lift a 20 lbs dumbell after a good arm day, you didn't train hard enough (sarcasm but still). I love doing aerobics and kickboxing, but then my legs just get skinnier while the rest of my body still looks fat. It's probably just your body type. no matter what, my arms are small compared to my chest and shoulders Hello, please take 15 seconds to REGISTER and become a member of our community! In the pro arena when you think of spectacular arms, bodybuilding greats that spring to mind are Mike Matarazzo, Lee Priest and of course Arnold. Additionally, employ the concept of progressive overload to your lifts. That being said, strength training has also shown to increase the size of your bones. My hands, arms are really dark as compared to other parts of my body. I hate to exercise. anyways I am not a big person for the most part.. the main problem with my body/figure is my arms. I only see your Monday routine. I'm 6' and 170 pounds but I feel pretty skinny. My current goals are cleaning up my form and doing a handstand, and later a handstand push up. Do u think i will grow into my shoulder?

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