Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Lv 4. I have a debat on it, and i have to prove that these two are bad things. Stands for the American federation of Labor Became the most important and enduring labor group in the country Rejecting the Knights idea of one big union for everybody, the Federation was an association of essentially autonomous craft unions and represented mainly skilled workers In IWW you join the IWW. An enduring question—whether union organization should be based on craft (skill) or industry (workplace)—became a divisive issue at the American Federation of Labor’s 1935 convention. The Knights vowed to admit workers of all races and nationalities, but this principle did not prevent the organization from tolerating segregated assemblies in the South. Start studying Knights of Labor vs. American Federation of Labor. What are the cons of the Knights of Labor and the American Ferderation of Labor(AFL)? Comparison of Knights of Labor and American Federation of Labor The words in quotation marks are from the textbook. An industry-based resolution, which stated that “in the great mass production industries … industrial organization is the only solution,” was defeated, … 1. During the 1880s, that division fatally eroded. Run by Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers (affiliated with the AFL) Carnegie denied workers the right to negotiate wages, which were continually cut Henry C. Frick shut down plant in Homestead and called in Pinkerton detective agency The strikers poured oil into Labor unions seen as violent and extreme Knights of Labor lost popularity and membership o American Federation of Labor Concentrated on attaining narrower economic goals Founded in 1886 as an association of 25 craft unions Led by Samuel Gompers until 1924 Focused on higher wages and improved working conditions Gompers directed local unions to stage walkouts until … The American labor movement coalesced around a new organization, the American Federation of Labor, which was formed in December 1886. The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions merged with the new organization, known as the American Federation of Labor or AFL, formed at that convention. In 1879, led by Terence V. Powderly, the Knights became a labor powerhouse. Tips: For some people, placing the same type of data for different organizations side by side makes it easier to learn and to compare. Led by Gompers, the AFL steadily grew in size and influence, until by 1900, it had largely taken over the position of power previously held by the older Knights of Labor, American's first labor union. Answer Save. In the 1880s, a new national labor organization arose, the Knights of Labor. 3 Answers. mr_ljdavid. In AFL you joined one of the national unions not AFL. The American Federation of Labor consisted of a gaggle of autonomous national unions, whereas the IWW was a more unified organization. Membership of the Knights of Labor plummeted, and by the mid-1890s it had lost all its former influence and had less than 50,000 members. 1 decade ago. The Knights differed from the National Labor Union, the first national association of workers, in that they accepted Blacks and women and unskilled workers. History of the CIO. American Federation of Labor. 2. Relevance. Despite its labor reform rhetoric, the Knights of Labor attracted large numbers of … Gompers vs. the Knights of Labor, and Socialism . Thank you som much if you help me on this. Favorite Answer.

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