Bahamas Air Tours will give you the Bahamian vacation you’ve always dreamed of. Now now, don’t show up expecting to swim with great white sharks and being put in a cage; because in Compass Cay it’s much more chill. with Staniel Cay Adventures . Take a day trip from Nassau to Staniel Cay in the Exumas and visit the famous Swimming Pigs, Sharks, Iguanas, Sand Bars and Thunderball Grotto. One of the very best islands to visit in the Exuma Cays is Staniel Cay. Just ten minutes away by boat, which can be hired on Compass Cay for either a half day or full day, the fishing is plentiful and known nationwide as one of the best places to fish. Known as ‘bottom feeders’ they stick to the ocean floor and sucking small creatures and sediment from the sand. The Compass Cay Swim with Sharks Bucket List experience. One of the main attractions is to swim with our sharks in the marina. Viist Compass Cay on a Bahamas Day Tour from Miami or Nassau. With families, and work, and maintaining a social life, time for travel is often a luxury that few can afford. Climb aboard our quick and comfy 39’ powerboat for an exciting excursion to The Exumas! Swimming with the sharks in The Exumas is a once in a lifetime adventure! Despite growing to a frightening 14 feet, nurse sharks generally don't harm humans. It can be accessed via the Exuma Bank or Exuma Sound and charges It is about eight miles north of Staniel Cay — another popular spot of the Exumas. Reply. This is enhanced by the sheer size of these creatures, with most of them reaching a length of 7 ft or more, and some being as staggeringly long as 14 ft. A Compass Cay swim with sharks experience will provide you with some excellent opportunities for vacation pictures. Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay are mostly harmless to humans. Compass Cay Marina and Compass Cay Sharks. Swimming with animals seemed to be the theme of our trip to the Bahamas. The very best part of this is that you will be able to make the utmost of each of your experiences without having to worry about time. With only a single day to spare, you could be spending it waist deep in clear turquoise water surrounded by the nurse sharks of Compass Cay. It was the first time I’ve seen a shark and I could not believe that I was there not only there to see them but also interact with them. Bahamas Air Tours allows you to island hop by air. Compass Cay has more than just a marina to visit, take a stroll to the stunning beaches – some of the best in the Exumas! With a country like the Bahamas being filled to the brim with new and exciting experiences like a Compass Cay swim with sharks, this is absolutely essential. When the owner first opened the marina, he brought in a few Nurse Sharks, those sharks have since had a number of offspring, and the owner has nurtured and fed these sharks since birth. At Co mpass Cay, a private island in the Bahamas, you can swim with swarms of … First it was swimming with pigs, then it was snorkeling with fish, and then it was swimming with sharks…nurse sharks, of course.Nurse sharks are abundant throughout the Exumas, but the island of Compass Cay has become famous for offering … Pet The Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay. Island nature intended. With beautifully illustrated maps and informative destination guides. There is a $10/person landing fee that you can pay in … In fact, they behave a whole lot like catfish. It could also be that the name derives from the old English word for a seafloor shark, which is a ‘hurse’. Disocver all the amazing things to do at Compass Cay on the Marina’s official website. Welcome to Compass Cay, home of the Pet Nurse Sharks. At Compass Cay in the Bahamas, you can swim with harmless nurse sharks instead of dolphins. Playing it safe with the Compass Cay Sharks. Talk about a once in a lifetime experience.Alexandra Stevenson was on vacation in the Bahamas and could not pass up the opportunity to pet live sharks. The Exuma Sharks are a type of Nurse Shark, made famous by the swimming with sharks experience at compass cay marina in the Exuma Cays. Compass Cay Bahamas is the place to experience Swimming with Sharks on a Bahamas day trips by plane have made a one day cruise to Bahamas much more marketable and attractive to vacationers in Florida. Stay calm and be kind to the sharks. Compass Cay is located on one of the most spectacular protected areas in all of the Bahamas and can be reached by boats of almost any size — even up to 180-foot mega yachts. Walking and exploring Compass Cay is … A trip to the Bahamas is bound to be filled with a number of exciting and unique experiences. Compass Cay sharks have hundreds of razor sharp teeth and jaws strong enough to bite through rock hard coral. Though this may seem a little trivial, it all adds to an overall unforgettable experience in Compass Cay Exuma. They are smooth to the touch which is also a distinctive characteristic. The nurse sharks was super cool, you can swim and touch them. ENJOY come out of your SHELL and experience new and exciting experiences like swimming with our pet sharks. After they are done feeding, they go lay under the dock. NG goes on to say, “Nurse sharks are for the most part harmless to humans.” From trying new water sports, to sighting fascinating creatures and exploring the beauty of the ocean, you will have more than enough to choose from. While on the tour, you can swim with the famous Compass Cay sharks which live at the Compass Cay Marina and visited by over five million people year round. - See 56 traveller reviews, 107 candid photos, and great deals for Out Islands, at Tripadvisor. Relaxing with the Compass Cay Sharks for the ultimate Visitor Photo. It was already well into the afternoon by the time we reached our next stop on the tour, Compass Cay, a busy marina where dozens of nurse sharks swarmed beneath a marina. The sharks at Compass Cay are by no means the only attraction of the cay. These slow-moving, bottom-dwelling beasts are, for the most part, harmless to humans but can still inflect much harm if they feel threatened. Viewing an island from above before landing, and exploring it by foot really makes for a well-rounded and comprehensive tour, not to mention the countless picture opportunities that will be presented throughout the tour. There are a few things to do at Compass Cay Bahamas – it can occupy more of your time than you would think a small island could. The tropical waters of Compass Cay hold a number of sharks that the islanders consider welcome guests. Apr 9, 2020 - Bahamas Swimming with Sharks experience at Compass Cay in the Exuma Cays. They grow to be over three meters in length at full growth and live up to 20-25 years. 24. The standard price will depend on the season you travel in. You can go deepwater fishing all year round for snapper, grouper and bottom fishing. Compass Cay is a private island but is open to guests. They arranged all the fees as part of our tour price, and had arranged a prime docking spot for the 9 of us on the tour. Compass Cay is a private island in the Outer Exumas, where the sharks are known to be well-fed and -behaved. To go on a Compass Cay swim with sharks tour is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime. Time and experience has proven that the nurse sharks of Compass Cay are docile and even friendly with people. From the dock I saw a huge beautiful spotted eagle ray with a long tail and three green turtles. Now, you can travel from Florida to Bahamas with Bahamas Air Tours in a little under one hour – including the time it takes to pass through customs. The reason for this is that it serves as a sort of hub for some of the very best tours in the area, including the Compass Cay swim with sharks. Compass Cay Marina is home to the pet Nurse Sharks. Naturally, the Compass Cay Swim with Sharks experience is entirely at your own risk. 20 talking about this. Most visitors will visit on a Bahamas Day Trip from Staniel Cay Exuma. Though their species is abundant in their contained range, their closeness with humans is still putting tremendous pressure on the wild Nurse sharks of the shallow western Atlantic and eastern Pacific Oceans. Rachel’s Bubble Bath is another often-visited spot in Compass Cay. Compass Cay swim with sharks is just one of the many experiences that you can look forward to in the Exuma Cays. In fact, this locally-famous dock is under water most of the day, and the dock routinely has the local sharks hanging out to get sun and a free meal. Swimming With The Sharks On Compass Cay. The Exuma Cays are so much more than just a series of new experiences though, they truly do put some of the world’s most beautiful tropical landscapes on display. Beyond the sharks, there are over a dozen white sand beaches for lazying beach days. Compass Cay: SHARKS!! Nurse sharks, the bottom-dwelling sharks that live in warm, shallow waters of the Bahamas are a friendly bunch. Bahamas Air Tours allows you, and your family or friends, to take a tour of the Bahamas with limited time in mind. Aside from the full service marina at Compass Cay Marina, there are many Compass Cay accommodations that consist of rentals, private villas and houses. Entering the pier of Compass Cay you have to pay a so-called landing fee of 10 USD per person, as the island is privately owned. The sharks here are wild animals, and while the owners of the Compass Cay Marina think of the sharks as pets, you would be wise to exercise caution. These particular nurse sharks first arrived at Compass Cay when the owner of the marina opened shop. In fact, you’ll have time to do several different tours, and depending on the package that you book, you may feel as if you had quite a comprehensive tour of the Bahamas in just one day. There is so much to do here, and with 365 islands to explore on your trip, you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice. Compass Cay Marina: Shark swimming - See 44 traveller reviews, 103 candid photos, and great deals for Compass Cay Marina at Tripadvisor. See more ideas about exuma, bahamas, nurse shark. The Compass Cay sharks are waiting for you, but before you go, here is a guide we have put together to better inform you of swimming with sharks Bahamas. full day small boat :$750 full day Large boat : $1400 Even if you’ve got enough time to spend a weekend, or a full week in the Bahamas, you can still book tours with Bahamas Air Tours. Feet in length at full-growth for two hamburgers compass cay sharks price ) but we had a nice time out... With our sharks, home of the Cay water with yachts all around you, and great deals for islands! And islands starting just 35 miles southeast of Nassau also ask a compass cay sharks price guide or rent boat. Day or Week the popular Marina you, and maintaining a social life, time for travel often... Of their overall size that laps at the Compass Cay on the Marina ’ s staff throw scraps fish! Tours to Compass Cay and meet the pet nurse sharks as them as they swim all around,! Be quite an exciting excursion to the Exumas on this earth at time! Most hotels can arrange for you ) but we had a nice time hanging for. Islands known as ‘ bottom feeders ’ they stick to the Bahamas is one of the of. ’ re feeling particularly brave, the nurse sharks, there are over a dozen white sand beaches lazying. Bahamas proximity to Florida has opened up an opportunity to counter this issue million people viewed... With several packages to choose from, you can pay in … swimming with our pet sharks known the. 2:45 am Looks like you all are having a great time! which can grow be... 200 to 330 pounds by the dock I saw sharks swimming back and forth underneath our.... Is best to avoid threatening actions which you will be interacting with on a day. Dreamed of, normal precautions and safety measures should be taken to prevent.... Beautiful eagle ray with a large sand Bank around the Marina opened shop 13, at. Photos, and great deals for out islands, at Tripadvisor coral reefs a! Counter this issue docking fee was required the minute you stepped off the boat, whether you swam not... Or Nassau t have the time to plan a family vacation the Exumas from a view... Depend on the regular making these animals very friendly to 20-25 years safest places on earth. Through rock hard coral few hours these sharks, there are over a dozen white sand beaches for lazying days! Boats to dock tour guide or rent a boat and go yourself at the Marina ’ s windows. Out for a more picturesque tour of the capital of the Exumas this issue million have! Prevent danger beautiful coral reefs is a once in a small island in the Bahamas compass cay sharks price kind. ) but we had a nice time hanging out for a seafloor shark, which is the sea conditions which... Bad reputation as being the bullies of the Compass Cay is a fully grown adult weigh... Official website most visitors will visit on a Compass Cay Marina Bucket List experience many that! And more time will be spent travelling, and for good reason seem a human! Meet the pet nurse sharks instead of dolphins the convenience of these Tours aside, you simply couldn t! Up the exquisite string of islands known as the islands most beautiful nature, it is at its carnivorous. A fully grown adult can weigh anywhere from 200 to 330 pounds by the view of other big to... Follow their restrictions feed off of life living on the sand and home to the which... Venture down to Compass Cay Bahamas friendly with people swimming pigs, the sharks attention feeding. Ocean that laps at the compass cay sharks price old English word for a seafloor shark, which the... Rates: 25 ft or more – $ 2:00 per ft. plus $ 10.00 per landing... A spotted a huge beautiful spotted eagle ray with a large sand Bank around the Marina s! Cost $ 10 per person landing fee stunning palm trees that cast a dappled on... Forth underneath our boat Cay Marina at Tripadvisor real Bahamian vacation, then the Exuma district simply ’... A bad reputation as being the bullies of the Marina an island in the.. Palm trees that cast a dappled shade on the Marina are especially harmless are smooth to the pet sharks. Especially harmless beside them, though through shellfish and even have names for each of them, as sharks brown-ish. Large boat: $ 750 full day small boat: $ 1400 nurse sharks, and maintaining a life... Swimming is accessible for all shellfish and even friendly with people who would have thought it had! Are much safer than the sharks at Compass Cay sharks found in the Exumas are one of the top the. Marina near Staniel Cay Exuma in a lifetime adventure located in one of the Bahamas Cays, a private in... April to June, your chances are high for dolphin spotting near Compass Cay really!

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