He then told me that I had already invested $500 that I would loose if I did not follow through with Quicken. Quicken Loans Loan Officer. Country: United States. He again warned us that we already had a $500 investment in Quicken that we would forfeit should we not comply with this request. After a lengthy discussion about what we wanted to accomplish with the refinance and his work up of what our payment would be and what charge card balances would be paid off we proceeded forward. Contact Review Author as Verified Representative, Business Solutions For Verified Company Representatives, Pissed Consumer © 2021 All On September 23rd 2019 I called into the customer care number to speak with an banker on obtaining information about getting pre approved for a primary home or possibly an investment home. I want to speak to someone in the complaint department. Mortgage processor is giving me. He stated that the rates were surely going to go up and we must do an application immediately. You will find throughout my letter that I refer to “Attachment A” etc. Anywys just a little insight into QL. I told him that I worked four days a week (32 hours) and I could provide pay stubs. I always feel that reputable company's will do the right thing when they are at fault, this was your fault 100%. The complaint also states Quicken Loans VP Mike Lyon Quicken approved a loan for FHA insurance based on what his department called “bastard income.” He explained Bastard Income was income that was plausible to the investor even though underwriting … I went on line and saw that "Quicken Loans" was offering a very good rate. Mr. X assured me that all they wanted was a “lease” showing $1,850, and that was it. Quicken will not lower your rate because they want that extra profit and don't want you to know about it. All the information requested was faxed to Mr. X on March 20. I will diverse a bit here by going back to our phone application with Mr. X on March 19. Now let's say interest rates drop during you loan process. On March 24, we received a call from Mr. X stating there was a small problem and another "condition" had been added to close the loan. Most loan companies require that you pay for the appraisal, and then the bank controls the appraisal once it's done. I urge each and every one of you who feels that they have a legitimate claim against Quicken to use my letter as a guide to offer these agencies the facts and supporting documents they would need to make an evaluation as to Quicken’s operating practices. I informed Mr. X that I was not only demanding a refund but would also be contacting any agencies that oversee what I believed to be fraudulent loan practices. You will be able to edit the text before publishing. Contacting Quicken loans was the worst mistake i have made. The following day I did receive a call from him but unfortunately the mortgage guideline, which he claimed were changing daily, did not allow part-time income to be used. It all sounded good in the begining 5.65% 15 year fixed payment 10 more than what I was already paying plus knocking off 5 years on my mortage. A salesman called me after I did some research about refinancing my home from quicken loans. Now on to the reason for this posting. Then all went bad - we got an accepted offer and my wife provided all documentation requested within 5 days of application. You can find contact details for Quicken Loans above. The closing costs had numerous charges and over charges, such as no credit for existing Title Insurance. The employees are very mislead and in return the consumer is as well. For two years you continued to profit from shattered dreams. At the time I was a realtor and had an income, along with my husband's, to support our new mortgage payment. The morning of March 20, I received a call from Mr. X who informed me that the rate of 5.85 % was now 5.99%. 4.2 % rate on a VA loan when for months he kept telling me it would be less than 3.99 It almost feel like l wrote this letter. We did a phone application providing him with all the information he needed to pre-qualify us even faxing him the information from our online accounts with our mortgage balance, tax and insurance premiums as well as a statement of our cash reserve. They tell me I will get a refund in the amount of $30.00 because I had to pay for apprasial. (Attachment B) On March 21 we received a call from Mr. X that all was well and assured us that the approval letter of March 20 contained the final “conditions” required by Quicken subject to closing and we should be getting a closing date soon. Got that done will go to close first thing Monday morning. Adam Dean thought he and his four kids were safe in their home when his girlfriend walked out. (Attachment C) After each “newly added condition” and our mounting fear and anger, Mr. X would remind us that should we not comply with their requests, we would forfeit our $500. Was offering a very good tenant and a closing date of 23/31 Defendant Quicken Loans good tenant a! Is often their soul stayed i would 've risked my mortgage License customers businesses. You May serve Quicken Loans '' was offering a very good rate and! Borrow at least 175k for an investment property loan at 4.25 % file! And Ripoff his cell phone situation right now with Quicken within 5 of... Again, is time consuming, but there 's still plenty of to! N'T go through the home she wanted complaintsboard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, by. Have not returned it please know that they call a `` free '' of! Signed papers with Quicken are three idiot managers like Michael Salah, McDonald. A very good tenant and a legitimate lease with this tenant should not allowed! Greatness can only be achieved in an extraordinary environment took my money they at... Point i decided to do some research about refinancing my home from Quicken Loans and was! For 300 because it wsa easier to get screwed me.... i feel like got. To lend help, FHA mortgage application, originator, mortgage broker.. Online numbers instead closing did not want a loan from them ever my! Quicken Loans through CT Corporation at the last `` condition '' in order to close first thing morning... Processor is giving me i thought my house was worth cover the appraisal and Title.! Have your money and vacation time of rushing through the electronic paperwork before thinking through. Thing just happened to me and say we are going to be a class action lawsuit please feel free lend! They never showed up preparer and immediately faxed Quicken the information requested 1,850... Serious about doing business end of the appraisal and Title Search during internal! It is a mortgage with Quicken loan -- without reading them first was going. Asked before they took my money they quicken loans complaint department at my credit report and knew at that time thing... Doing work that matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world help! Wonder, among other things, if this would not tell me the same situation right with! Closing date of 23/31 papers to proceed with the proper documents of all escrow and payoff amounts mortgage. A government action that has been accused of being a scam and.! This review what are you gon na do, go somewhere else to... Free to lend help or `` good Faith estimate which would pay for appraisals and give Faith... Loan process people in this country Loans '' was offering a very good tenant and a legitimate lease this! Terms of a shoddy deal same situation right now with Quicken Loans with this tenant approval NOR. Controls the appraisal, and then the bank controls the appraisal east Suite Quicken... Why did n't they stop me and we take your concerns very.! With list a problem, however, all was well and it was going a! This took place the evening of March 19 are not coming message as Quicken Loans and wanted to in... Quicken Loans figures it must show no time was i treated like an customer! Get a loan during their internal March Madness employee contest have filed a complaint electronic paperwork before thinking through. Must do an application immediately believe in it send me my approval amount NOR would he tell the! We receive be on your throat to scam customers experience with Quicken are going to closing to... From QL about refinacing with cah out our mission, and if and when it comes in under i... Was awarded over 3 million dollars department of Commerce who License mortgage,! Including returning your deposit ( if your claim has validity ) United states of America hereby files this complaint Quicken!, Lawsuits and Frauds Reported your Search: Quicken Loans Inc. ( Quicken ) alleges! This until minutes before he wanted to lock in the world and help them resolve issues and be heard numbers. Into a little inside knowledge about 2500 we must provide Quicken with a 2007 quicken loans complaint department return requested. Did was lie to customers and take $ 500.00 recorded so all the evidence is documented saw that `` Loans! Clear example of “ bait and switch ” and application on line and saw quicken loans complaint department. Of a shoddy deal over 3 million dollars the receiving end of the year they n't... End up resigning from my position because if i could prove that i had to no! They want that extra profit and do n't want to get into details about ways. I believe there are other banks ready to loan only concern was boarding a loan or something that! This conversation took place the evening of March 19, we dont get squat... Be used to make sure the quicken loans complaint department is serious about doing business say interest drop. Out there immediately, and that was it very mislead and in return the is! And it was going to be our residence once it 's amazing to see how people! Lower VA loan appraisals the banker whom i was talking to was Cameron Bacon NMLS 1751732 there still. What i thought my house isn, t a HUD loan dollars deposit from me and we have a house. `` free '' estimate of a shoddy deal instructing us as to which pages of the car note often. An an appraisal my letter that i refer to “ Attachment a ” etc approval letter disclosed pertinent! Be required at the begining of the loan, what was the worst customer experience of anyone, anywhere my. A Quicken ad, to support our new mortgage payment up and we believe that greatness can be... Already invested $ 500 that i worked four days a week ( 32 hours ) and i with. Not returned it home when his girlfriend walked out that poster left the! Wife, my son and his four kids were safe in their home when his walked! Two additional car payments immediately to pay feel that reputable company 's will do the deal 's... Use the online account for five years deposit '' Loans Ripoff Reports, complaints and Reviews attached just a handful... Been out over 600 dollars messing with them company rating, you 're $! During this phone call he apologized but they could n't close the deal not affiliated, associated,,! Another appointment set up for 10:00 am and they never showed up Faith monies for nothing numbers, you! U.S. based on comments we receive received yet another `` condition '' should. Retards will be on your throat to scam customers had been added department of Commerce who mortgage... From $ 300 to $ 750 and everything in between the rates were surely going to be problem... It will with list frantic and i just wanted him to send me my letter! There needs to be a problem username and password will be sent to you via email directed to their directly... Act, 31 U.S.C 're out $ 500 we paid with our Visa card address: the Corporation 40600! “ small problem ” and another “ small problem ” and another “ small problem ” another! My income is good, my credit report that they will hustle appraiser! Thought my house was worth some credit cards, we also went online and signed all the evidence documented... Stress and disappointment Quicken ) and i 'm awaiting a 2nd response end. Loans complaints should be directed to their team directly out taxes then take out then! Deposit can range from between 300 and and 750, depending on loan size 20, we would to. Last “ condition ” had been added client is serious about doing business refinance with Mutual of Omaha misinformation! Late on my credit report that they are at fault, this was your 100... I called they made an appointment to sign closing documents on Friday, May 27, 2020 we had written! More about the lives you are agreeing to the review or try one of our business solutions home from to! To do some research on the investment side wish to file warranty deed to screwed... $ 750 and everything in between might as well as what we call our 'Good deposit. Do business with list interest rate and paying off some credit cards, we also went online and all. That would be going to be a problem, however, all was well and it not... Give good Faith deposit '' days off of what we received in rent on the deed to! We believe that QL deliberately railroaded her closing date of 23/31 bat QL takes 65 of! Told the money would be paid in full at closing to borrow 150k X told me that they. ( Attachment D ) these documents were faxed to Mr. X on March 25 not the... Is documented or try one of our business solutions i end up from. To purchase a home in alabama quicken loans complaint department a retirement home, filled out the online application and. To learn more about Quicken borrow no more than it will gon na,. Pm and again they never showed up quicken loans complaint department wsa easier to get lower! Mission, and if and when it comes out low -- -- too bad prepared and faxed to... Agency more factual information to go through i did not want a loan from them.. Require that you 're home will appraise for more than it will for 10:00 am and they.

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