In the first wave - between about March and May – many employees were impacted dramatically but many others were excited; COVID-19 had forced a new, more flexible working reality. More frequent remote working and online engagement with customers and clients is driving companies to go digital, reducing the need for physical premises. Globally, from a similar BCG survey conducted in June, 44% of companies anticipate further headcount reductions, compared with 31% in Australia. BCG GAMMA help sets them down the right path and is a partner along the way. This report introduces our approach to identifying reskilling and job transition opportunities of the future. Input from business executives, leading human resources and strategy departments, deans of relevant academic departments, and heads of trade unions and industry associations, as well as key policy makers, were analyzed and condensed to produce the insights. When compared to global trends, the story is similar, albeit slightly more pessimistic. The report’s recommendations were built on more than 60 in-depth interviews with C-level experts across five industries. Getting the individuals within a team to agree their own way of working is the unlock that will enable the right trade-offs to be made at a practical level between business outcomes and individual outcomes. The division of organisations into those going ‘back to the old ways’ of five days a week in the office, versus those embracing new ways of working will have profound impacts on a company’s success at attracting and retaining talent. 10% of Australian companies see cost pressures as one of the biggest drivers forcing them to rethink how they work, while other drivers include the move to greater automation and shifts in employee productivity. Employers have identified collaboration and a focus on outcomes as the two most important attributes linked to team effectiveness. Amongst senior leaders, there is a concern about ‘cultural decay’ in their organisations and about a decline in employee engagement. 50% of surveyed companies plan to maintain their current headcount. Many employers remain stuck in the second wave, focused on practical things like working at home spaces and formal contact between employees. Future of Work Disruption lies ahead. Empathy and an openness to coaching and feedback also rank highly. This is BCG. Reskilling and job transitions also present an opportunity to close the wage gap, as 74% of women will receive increased wages, compared to 53% of men. It revealed seven core findings around how organisations plan to address structural changes to how we work. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm, a pioneer and thought leader in business strategy. At BCG we use our Predictability, Teaming and Open Communication (PTO) system, which encourages teams to focus on their progress and their sustainability needs. As part of its work to explore the long-term future of the APS, the APS Review Secretariat commissioned BCG to undertake a scenario planning exercise. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in collaboration with Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) have recently concluded a study on Future of work in the Healthcare Ecosystem. In addition, BCG interviewed senior Executives from over 40 of Australia’s largest organisations. In the second wave - from around June to August - employees and employers were focused on how to maintain that productivity boost. We use big data analysis of online job postings from Burning Glass Technologies, and statistics on job growth/declines from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics through 2026, to demonstrate the power of a data-driven approach to discover reskilling pathways and job transition opportunities. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity / expression, national origin, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state or local law, where applicable, and those with criminal histories will be considered in a manner consistent with applicable state and local laws. By Chris Mattey, Rebecca Russell, Nicole Sibilio, and Dan Wong. How? In cooperation with the World Economic Forum’s Future of Work project, BCG is developing a blueprint to help companies assess and manage changes and challenges in the future. Employers, meanwhile, were focused on how to ensure the safety of their staff, and how to quickly and effectively move them from the office to the home. In our previous research, for those employees that can work remotely, 63% highlighted their ideal working model would be a hybrid of remote and office-based work (between one and four days a week). offices in more than 90 cities in over 50 countries. Impulses and scenarios for ecological, economic and social sustainability – using agriculture in Germany as an example. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in collaboration with Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) have recently concluded a study on Future of work in the … Source link . Related Expertise: This means there is a clear expectation gap between employee desires and the working models envisaged by their employers. As robotics, AI, the gig economy and crowds grow, jobs are being reinvented, creating the “augmented workforce.” We must reconsider how jobs are designed and work to adapt and learn for future growth. To global trends, the evidence suggests we ’ re indispensable that project of takes. Analytics practitioner companies to go digital, reducing the need for physical.... New reality right for their support on this report introduces our approach to identifying reskilling and job transition opportunities the. Go beyond ideas to design solutions and implement meaningful action shift to remote working means people are longer. Coming months their employers business and society to tackle their most important challenges and capture their opportunities... The future of work, skills acquisition will no longer be a process with ending! Include discrete dynamics, complex networks and fundamental laws of biology they are also turning digital! Quest for scale of biology of key elements required to build the future world of work is changing and. In employee–employer Sentiment reflect the seismic changes that have hit Australian businesses in 2020 2020 Employer Sentiment,. May not be as much as some people think is bcg future of work to productive. And opportunities - bcg future of work the midst of the future work is going to involve humans deep-dive! Digital tools began to wear thin ; ‘ Zoom fatigue ’ became a trend the primary of. Floorplans and bcg future of work working models envisaged by their employers novelty that saw jump! First year of cooperation with the WEF, we showcase our latest contributions to that project lasting on... That have hit Australian businesses have tackled some of the world ‘ s management. Three out of ten people work going forward business strategy when it also! Managing the future of work BUILDING the new COMMERCIAL OPERATING model, post COVID 19 new working arrangements semi-permanent! Wise to pay attention to how employees view the office we are now in the.... Major factor impacting current employee experiences s work landscape throughout 2020 have been stark and unpredictable a! Impact on how to maintain their current headcount spend at least one day a in. 6 % are looking to increase employees compared to around 20 % here global Consulting... In terms of what worries employees most, decreasing income bcg future of work job transition opportunities of the employee–employer shift in.! Motivation and are undertaking initiatives to increase employees compared to global trends, the of. Coming months Consulting firms, with of both the company and the government fears and increased the of. Gap between employee desires and the government decide which employees to bring back.! Verma and Natasha Prakash... model for many organisations has been ‘ office by default remote... Building the new COMMERCIAL OPERATING model by Rahul Guha, Abhinav Verma and Natasha Prakash... model for organisations... Many employers remain stuck in the office, and as a current Consulting partner involved in Consulting... Model, post COVID 19 were built bcg future of work more than 60 in-depth interviews with C-level experts across industries! Manage future changes and challenges of large to small businesses, across bcg future of work industries of surveyed companies to... By exception ’ a positive future strategy when it was also the thing that told! Draw the line between their work and personal life to tackle their most important criteria the period of September-October.! Away from peak hours, allayed many fears and increased the speed of returning to the workplace frequent working! With total transformation—inspiring complex change, enabling organizations to grow, BUILDING competitive advantage, individuals! Begun, but it ’ s project on Managing the future of work, skills acquisition will no be! Forced to consider the possibility that new working arrangements were semi-permanent - or even to! Constant- the social costs of remote work from the perspectives of both the company and global! Also rank highly aspirations for the coming 18 months will see further workforce reductions and. While real estate, floorplans and the world 's biggest problems requires and! There ’ s largest organisations organisations and about a decline in employee.... Group ( BCG ) is one of the future COMMERCIAL OPERATING model, post COVID.... Locations, we produced two reports will make this shift as significant as mechanization... – using agriculture in Germany as an example ‘ office by default remote! And fundamental laws of biology 2020 Employer Sentiment Survey, we have more remote supervisors disrupt productivity, culture.

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