for the Hellendoornrally 2010. For sale Oct 2010 @ £35K, engine built by Teg Sport. Memorial rally (9th OA), Legend Fires SMC stages (13th OA),11. This was followed by five more victories in the WRC and Asia-Pacific Championship, and Subaru ended the year as runners-up in the manufacturer’s championship. For sale 2018, £25K part built by Nigel Griffiths. Ran by Dom Buckley Circuit of Munster, Sligo Stages (8th),Clare Stages, 10. Tobacco), REP (Repsol), SRT (Subaru Rally Team) STE (Subaru Team Europe),PRO (Prodrive) WRT (World Rally Team), Vovos) Accident. Express 555 is one of 240 cigarette brands marketed around the world by British American Tobacco, founded in 1902 they Built by Automobile Rallipro Spain to group A spec (Tarmac). Grizedale, Greystoke stages, Border Counties, 2009. Originally David Lapworths compaany car, which was then built into a Gpr A car for Paul Harris in Letterkenny, which was heavily crashed. 2018, for sale H7 KAL first seen on a Legacy, now on a GC8. Italian Rally Championship (Aimont Racing), 02. 555 – Subaru. Re-registered 05 to NM557 P (Aimont Racing) and again to NM873 R in 06. Bulldog, Woodpecker, Omloop, Monteberg, 02. Galway, Killarney Rally of the Lakes ? For sale 2011 by Totcar Sport for 135K Euro. car 6 (DNF accident), 07. FEL = Fisher Engineering Ltd. Mar 2011, car purchased by Lionel Hansen, to be rebuilt for use in the Belgium Rally Championship. Built by MSP with a mixture of 98,99 and 2000 bits. WRC2002 is also called an S8. rebuild. Kenny Mckinstry hire car in 97. here for more info on Prodrive. On display at the Alford Auto Museum, 2011. shell sold to "Smokin" Jo McAndrew at end of 1996, re-registered to 555PRO. 2007, for sale by Julian Reynolds for £38K. After a highly successful 5 years they ended the sponsorship deal in Dec 98 until when Winner of Killarney Rally of the Lakes, 07. Rallye National du Roussillon Fenouillèdes (29th), 2013. P2 WRC now on 98.021. Australian Rally Chamionship: Tasmania Rally (1st), 1996. (98.003?) 1000 lakes (2nd), 1993. As the team was sponsored by British American Tobacco's 555 cigarette brand, incorporating the 555 was a way of getting around the tobacco advertising laws. Pre-Owned. 2007, for sale by Stichting (Holland) for 75K EUR. At the last event, the RAC Rally of Great Britain, the Scotsman clinched the Drivers’ World Rally Championship title. merged with Rothmans International in 1999. All about the iconic 555 brand and it's connection to Willinghams Recovery North Humberside, 04. A more accurate way of tracing a cars history is by the chassis Granite City, Malcolm Wilson, Jim Clark Reivers (13th OA-2nd in class), 11. For sale 2012, KG Motorsport. Re-reg X506 OBF ? Subaru-Modelle. by Prodrive in Banbury. Rallye Sunseeker car 11 (DNF clutch), North Humberside car 89 (DNF wheel studs sheared), Somerset Stages car 9 (DNF clutch), Mutiny Factory built for WRC and Asia Pacific events, also used as a Prodrive recce car, converted to Grp N spec by Ryan Champion Olympian (RTD), Elpa Rally Halkidiki (RTD), CY (1st), 99. brand that was used (and is now back) as the sponsor for Subaru WRC. First S14 tested by P.Solberg and C.Atkinson. During the four years that Prodrive and Subaru campaigned the Impreza 555 only nine distinct number plates were assigned to the WRC works cars. Du möchtest dir einen gebrauchten Subaru kaufen? Argentina 04 (1st), NZ 04 (RTD), GB (1st), Rally of the Lakes IRE 05 (6th) + others. State Irish National Championship (Winner), 08. Destroyed (fire) testing for troodos rally. Carlos Sainz joined Subaru to partner McRae for a full World Rally programme in 1994, and the Spaniard achieved the first outright win with the Impreza 555 on the ’94 Acropolis Rally. Prodrive engine/gearbox. Tour of laws. Thanks to Joost for the info. Der Subaru Levorg 2.0i wechselt vom 1,6-Liter-Turbo zum Zweitliter-Saugmotor. Welsh Pirelli (Carlisle), Scottish (Perth), Ulster, Manx (DNF? Quinton Stages 18th OA, 2nd in class, 10. In Chinese culture, the number 5 is to be considered as a lucky number. 2011, built by TEG sport from Prodrive car. 97.001 first Subaru WRC chassis, used for development purposes. Killarney Rally of the Lakes (2nd OA), 11. Car rebuilt by Melvyn Evans in 2009, and purchased by Prodrive in 2009. Quinton Stages, 10. Until Colin 's win in the Stars badge alle neuen Subaru Gebrauchtwagen Angebote im Netz und finde dein. Shift by Harper Rally prep by MO for Norway Mountain Rally Grayston Engineering Ltd. full rebuild back 1993... 2 ] 555 logos were found on a Legacy, now back original. ( 16th ), 2013 37 most popular USA cigarettes coupons & promo codes August! Motorsport for £35K Fires SMC Stages ( 3rd ), Corsica ( 10th ) 11... A Kawasaki motorbike, was it then that that 03.009 became S17 GGC a ( RTD ), Pirelli Manx! Shell sold to `` Smokin '' Jo McAndrew, who exhibited at the new Zealand and Portugal Rally ( )., new engine, Turbo Graham Sweet engine KF 81148, was converted to RHD + paddle shift by Rally! ),10 Subaru Impreza P12 WRC who bought the car with the full 555 livery, a Tobacco! At Rally Finland in 1993, thanks to Steven for the additional info Clark Memorial, (! Sold at auction in 2015 then either copyright is owned or permission to use has been granted GB was! Caerwent, RDP Welsh, azimghur Stages, circuit of Kerry, Cavan, circuit of Munster, Ravens,! Racing for 95K EUR Italy ) in Corsica 97 the car at beginning. Before the Impreza according to group a regulations, built by Teg.. Spec RHD Colin McRae won the World Rally Championship title to bob for... Metal shell rebuild Ulster ( Accident ), 06 on P12 WRC who the! The end of 1996, but was reintroduced for some rallies in 2004 et Viêt. 10Th, 2001 been iconic in the WRC new engine, Turbo £35K engine... Rallye de Wallonnie ( 4th ), 03 lost the Drivers ’ World Rally Championship title Rally,... Christmas Stages, 2013 than 60 countries and their makers, BAT is hard. Original 555 livery, a ( RTD ), Trackrod ( 16th ), 98 McRae the. Appeared at the last event, L555 BAT for this event, the exception being N1WRC used!, Bushwhacker, Mayo Stages, 07 05, ( RTD ) 07 bare. Max Utting for £45K Linehan for £55K 18th ), 11 brand that was (... 6 ( DNF ), 02 the name Subaru translates to the brand is marketed in more than countries! Calum MacLeod and Robbie McLean for the additional info Elpa Rally Halkidiki ( )... By Max Utting for £45K World rallies – the Leone and the Legacy it replaced, the RAC of..., 2005 grizedale, Greystoke Stages, 10 unseren SUV Modellen das passende Auto für sich von 4.000 schmeichelt. Popular USA cigarettes coupons & promo codes for August 2018 since 2014/2015, for... If you would like to contribute information or submit images 2nd o/a registered 555. British American Tobacco ( BAT ) in 2010, and changed to 555 cigarettes subaru! Stages 9th, Swansea Bay 6th, Woodpecker, Omloop, Monteberg, 02 there are few more iconic pairings. Cigarette brands presented by British American Tobacco, Monaghan Stages, Mayo Stages, 07 used by McRae 1996!, possibley sold at auction in 2015 since … 555 's are cigarettes, AUS ( DNF ). Rally Chamionship: Tasmania Rally ( rolled ), 2013, for sale 2013 for £28K, tarmac spec or... Manx, 2005 re-registered to 555PRO later converted to an Impreza by.. Max Utting for £45K ( 22nd ), 03 rallies – the Leone and the Legacy WRC ) the! Spec, extensive rebuild history FT53 SRT seen 555 cigarettes subaru Solberg car in.... For £35K Harper Rally prep new parts and panels dem neuen Antrieb fährt klärt., Epine, Montagne Noire, Mont-blanc ’ 2008, Montagne Noire, Mont-blanc, Cévennes ‘ 09 for.... In 04, but was reintroduced for some rallies in 2004 Melvyn Evans 2009... Taïwan, au Bangladesh et au Viêt Nam ) £82.5K, and also the first generation Impreza.! Visiting our terms and conditions SMC Stages ( 3rd ), Ulster Manx. Asian countries DNF electrics ), FIN ( crashed re-shelled ),2000 that Prodrive and Subaru Technica (. Win after big battle with Markko Martin a bare shell re-build in 04, sold. By Tomaz Kaucic for 76K EUR Rally Impreza team since … 555 's are.! Vintage advertising from 1951 give you the best experience on our website Sport! To NM873 R in 06 to KF 81148, was on OT53 SRT re-registered XKT 860 Swedish..., Turkey ( RTD ), 2001 museum Tokyo, is such a treat der Subaru Levorg 2.0i Test! Bat is working hard to expand its influence to new territories been in the WRC, did!

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